Wait List

Finding the right homes for our puppies is very important to us. By 6-8 weeks old we can tell you who is perfect for the older couple, who would love to snuggle with your little girl, and even who's first to chew your shoes! The happiness, health and safety of our puppies is our top priority. We love knowing that you've thought your decision through and are prepared for the responsibility of another family member. With that said, we are now offering a $100 discount on all puppies purchased through our wait list prior to when the pups are born.  Put your name on the wait list if you are serious about buying a pup and please tell us what you are looking for - gender, color, etc...

Your name must be added prior to the date pups are born.
The original intent of our wait list was to notify those who have been waiting for the birth of a new litter. The wait list was never intended for those waiting for pups to "come of age", although we have allowed it to a point in the past. We have to draw the line somewhere and we've placed that line on the day that pups are born. This is a courtesy. We will make NO EXCEPTIONS beyond the date of birth. Names added after that point will be eligible for a discount on our next litter.

Feel free to tell about yourself and your family, not just the type of puppy your looking for.