Welcome to Cadence, Comrade, Cammy and Libby's Very Own Website!

We are not a kennel, puppy mill, or backyard breeder. Our dogs are pets, not employees. The health and freedom of our pets is our number one priority. We have chosen to breed our dogs to provide others with quality companions and not purely for monetary gain. They live with us, they sleep with us, they are members of our families.

You will not find our puppies in local pet stores. We want to know where they are going to ensure that they all make it to suitable homes. We won't be overbearing. We have no contracts for you to sign and we would never ask that you surrender your dog back for a future breeding program. Your new puppy is all yours, although we genuinely hope that you'll keep in touch.

We carefully plan each of our litters with our veterinarian ensuring that our dogs are in optimum condition for pregnancy. Dogs need time to recuperate after carrying and nursing those little bundles of joy. We do not allow for nature to dictate our litters. All our breeding's are intentional and monitored in a controlled environment.

We love our dogs and tell them everything. In our home bitch is still a bad word!